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 Reading is the FUNNEST way to kill the monster of boredom.
•  Reading feeds the
• Reading stretches the rubberband of the mind.

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Sarwat Perrin, children’s author

I write middle grade adventure stories for boys & girls that are action packed, with a blend of reality & fantasy, and a twist of the supernatural. I have a passion for science, astronomy, geocaching in the great outdoors, as well as Native culture, and this informs my writing.

I am a teacher, star marveller,

and a devotee of science.

I love hiking in the great outdoors, geocaching,

the magic of colour, and spinach pie.

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Did you know that the Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella, the first book in the Virgo Capella series of contemporary adventure novels with a supernatural twist, received a 5 stars review?
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