I was brought up in Iran, Pakistan, Switzerland, Spain and the U.S. The rich diversity of cultures, values and beliefs I was exposed to as a child influenced my thinking and shaped my global perspective.

Being exposed to different languages made me realize that words have emotive power. Words can make us laugh or cry. They can make us sing or crush us.



As a result, I fell in love with reading books from an early age. I used to take out big, fat books from the school library and read them in two days. Later on, my love for reading sparked my love for writing.



I like to  write fast-paced adventure stories for kids. Stories that have wisdom and entertain at the same time. It is important to instill self-esteem, imagination and a sense of fun in children so that they can easily jump over the hurdles in life.



It is this delight in reading and in being curious, in poking and sniffing, that I want to share with children.



I live in Toronto with my husband. He claims we are the world’s oldest children — I heartily agree.

What inspired me to write The Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella

I am fascinated by science. I want to turn on children’s minds to its wonders and ignite their curiosity to explore it further. When we look deeper and closer, we realize the world around us is full of mystery and it is science that can answer the burning questions.


At the same time, I feel divorce wreaks havoc in children’s lives. When my husband’s two pet turtles joined us, he told me this story shortly before he saw his sons again. He said the turtles belonged to his sons. “When I brought these home, the turtles were the size of a silver coin. That was seven years ago. These turtles are all I have left of them.” His words gripped me and led to the writing of this story.

Writing Workshop

If you would like me to host a Writing Workshop at your school, send me an email at: sona1059@rogers.com