"Original and fun, with an impressive list of baddies. Join Virgo and his pals on this wild and wacky adventure, as they experience science in a whole new way."

— Angela Dorsey, author of numerous juvenile fiction books published in Canada and in various countries 

The Weird Adventures of Virgo Capella

Twelve-year-old Virgo Capella and his sister Lyra may have just met an alien posing as a street kid. Biham’s certainly odd enough, and his behavior is erratic. He has strange fits during which he trembles and his eyes dart in terror. But he couldn’t really be an alien,

Could he?

When a group of zealous ET hunters targets

Biham, Virgo’s forced to consider the impossible: that his strange new friend is not of this world. Enemies are closing in. A threatening individual known only as the Candyman and his cohort are willing to go to any lengths to capture their prey

— dead or alive


Will Virgo, Lyra, and their streetwise new friend Scorpio, be able to protect Biham long enough to figure out how to get him home? Time’s limited — Biham is on the verge of starvation, in desperate need of space food.

for readers from 8 to 12

Here is a short extract

“Is that snake yours" He sure ain’t revoltin’ He got up from the bench and walked towards Lyra and me.

I could smell stale Chinese take-out on his breath. It made me gag.

“I’m Virgo, and this is my sister Lyra.”

“Is that name for real? It sounds like it belong to an alien from another planet.” Scorpio let out a slow hiss.

I winced. Not that again! But getting mad wouldn’t make the insult better and besides, I was in a good mood. I had Jellyroll back. 

Another figure sat hunched on the far edge of the bench. He looked a little puny, his arms and legs dangled all over the place. His eyes looked deep purple in this lamplight and his nose looked funny.

Our movement startled the strange boy. He got up from the bench and took a step towards me. I drew back quickly. There was a nagging voice inside my head, something was wrong. Who was he? Was he dangerous?

Virgo Capella’s Search for Geo Treasure

Virgo Capella for the first time at age twelve gets punched in the stomach where it hurts the most. Virgo’s buddy Josh who is a keen geo catcher drags Virgo into the Amazing geo contest.

When he gets duped and knocked out of the race, Virgo has to not only wrestle with the school ruffians and win the contest, but he gets tangled with neighborhood villains who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Virgo’s mother is fighting for her life and his precocious younger sister Lyra adds fuel to the fire.

Virgo Capella’s Search for Geo Treasure is a middle-grade novel that takes geocaching to the extreme level. Readers who like fast-paced adventure, the great outdoors and solar heroes — with a twist of the supernatural, will enjoy the story.

for readers from 8 to 12

The sub asked, “Does anyone know the difference between a system and a heap?” No one put up a hand. His eyes wandered over the classroom and landed on me. He said in an icy voice, “Come up to the board and explain to the class the difference between a system and a heap; it seems you know everything well enough to doze through it.” 

I was on the spot. I wondered what I was going to do as I fidgeted with the dry-erase marker in my hand at the whiteboard. Twenty-two pairs of eyeballs drilled into me. I felt like I had just swallowed a frog. The kids tittered in anticipation of my dumb answer. Then it hit me. I drew a carton of a big cage full of monkeys and heard myself say, “A heap is a barrel of monkeys crammed inside a cage. A system is the zoo all the animal cages are an organized part of.” The kids rolled over in their seats and burst out laughing.

The class-change bell rang and saved me from being dunked in water. “That statement is better re-stated. A heap is a pile like a heap of pencils and the parts of a system organized as in a library. I hope this teaches you to pay attention in class.” He closed his books together and threw them in his bag. The class was over.

Ryan got up from his seat and headed straight for me. He slapped my shoulder on his way out. “What do you expect, sucker? When you heap insults on someone, the result is a system of attack designed to destroy and kill,” he snickered,

and another one from Virgo Capella’s Search for Geo Treasure
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Wawatam meets
Virgo Capella

Virgo Capella biggest wish suddenly comes true — his real dad’s invitation to join him on a holiday. Lyra, Virgo’s younger sister is excited too. They are going on a summer jaunt to visit Manitoulin, the island of Native myths and heroes. It’s just so perfect.


The holiday with his dad starts off with a bang just like in his fantasy. Virgo and Lyra are excited about seeing a real pow wow at Dreamers’ Rock. But then things go awry when the pow wow is invaded by a group of Native activists. In the mayhem Virgo and Lyra are separated from their dad and meet a Native Ojibwe boy Wawatam who is the same age as Virgo — twelve years old. They are catapulted into a hairy series of surreal events and there is no knowing how things will turn out. 


Readers who enjoy endearing heroes, and a fast-paced actual packed story adventure story that is inspired by Native culture will enjoy Wawatam meets Virgo Capella.

for readers from 8 to 12.